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"Hiring Kristen was hands down the best decision we made surrounding the wedding in general. From day 1, she was on our team about everything. She made a sincere effort to get to know us, find out what was important to us, and help us create a day that reflected on who we are as people and as a couple. She always made us feel so validated, remembered all of the details that we mentioned (months later would call back to things we had mentioned in our early meetings), and identified vendors that we had never heard of despite our hours of what we thought was very diligent research. Once we saw how well-connected she is with the vendors in the area, we knew that we could trust her implicitly to identify vendors and rentals that would align with our vision. Kristen handled communications with all of our vendors, negotiated for us, and kept an eye on the budget. She met with us as frequently as we wanted and made it clear to us that she was always available by any method of communication. Kristen truly went above and beyond the call of duty (she had multiple phone calls with various members of our family). At the wedding itself, we had so many people comment on how kind, thorough, communicative, and effective she was. Kristen and her team set up the space for our reception and it looked UNBELIEVABLE and way exceeded our expectations. Don’t miss out on having Kristen involved with your wedding, she will make your life a million times easier."

Screen Shot 2023-12-17 at 11.10.37 AM.png


Photo: Michelle Eaton

Video: Clear Vision

Venue: Longlook Farm

Floral: Rariden Design

DJ: Mass Rhythm

Catering: Chef Joes

HMU: Angel Touch Beauty

Rentals: Special Events

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