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Christina + Tyler

Fulchino Vineyard

Hollis, New Hampshire

Antoinette Photography

When we pivoted fairly last minute to a micro-wedding due to an illness in the family, I thought I’d be able to handle everything myself. I’m so grateful I didn’t. Kristen was incredible, going above and beyond for us, making everything perfect for our wedding day. She thinks of everything and was a delight to work with!!!

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Emily + Rich

LaBelle Winery

Derry, New Hampshire

Chalky Chen

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Kristen Delano for our wedding, and I must say, she truly made our special day an unforgettable experience. From the very beginning, Kristen's dedication to ensuring our wedding went off without a hitch was evident. Her coordination skills were nothing short of remarkable, as she flawlessly managed every detail of the event. What really stood out to me about Kristen was her unwavering presence throughout the entire process. It seemed as if she had an uncanny ability to be everywhere at once, making sure every aspect of the day was running smoothly. Whether it was managing vendors, coordinating the timeline, or simply being there to calm our nerves, Kristen was always right by our side. Her years of experience in the industry were truly evident in the way she handled even the most unexpected challenges with grace and efficiency. No problem was too big for her to tackle, and her solutions were always thoughtful and creative. But beyond her professional prowess, it was Kristen's positivity and high emotional intelligence that truly set her apart. In the midst of the inevitable wedding planning stress, her upbeat demeanor was a breath of fresh air that kept us grounded and excited. Kristen's ability to understand not only the logistics but also the emotions tied to such a significant day was truly remarkable. She seemed to anticipate our needs before we even realized them ourselves. This level of attention and care made us feel not just like clients, but like friends. In a nutshell, Kristen Delano is an exceptional wedding coordinator who goes above and beyond to make dreams come true. Her flawless execution, combined with her genuine positivity and profound emotional intelligence, make her an invaluable asset to any couple embarking on the journey of planning their wedding. We are endlessly grateful for Kristen's dedication, and we wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a seamless, joy-filled wedding day

Becca + Garrett

Toad Hill Farm

Franconia, New Hampshire

Love Long and Prosper Photography

I cannot put into words how amazing Kristen is! She made every single one of my visions come true. She is so professional and does an amazing job at making sure everyone knows what to do and where to be. She had an answer and fix to every problem that came her way. I had a hard time letting go of the reigns but quickly realized I was in great hands. Not only did she clean up after the wedding so that we wouldn’t have to wake up to mess but she also ran to her car to get materials to fix my bustle mid wedding. As you can tell I cannot say enough about her but I cannot recommend her enough. I would say the top vendor I had by far!

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Mary Kate + Nate

Searles Castle

Windham, New Hampshire

William Judd

RUN DON'T WALK TO HIRE KRISTEN FOR YOUR WEDDING!!!!! We were confident that we could plan our own wedding without the help of a coordinator. Nonetheless, we became increasingly nervous that despite our best efforts, we would still spend our wedding day setting up decor, answering questions, interfacing with vendors, and sorting out problems instead of enjoying the day. Although the simple answer was to hire a day- of wedding coordinator, the cost of many was prohibitive and the question of how helpful they would be remained. Kristen remedied both of these concerns far beyond our expectations! Her pricing is what originally caught our eye, as it was extraordinarily low, and after our first conversation we were put at ease by her friendly, professional, and bubbly attitude. Our only reservation with hiring her was that she didn’t have many reviews…But that turned out to be because she had recently transitioned from being the director of event planning at one company to starting her own (Blackwater Events) - so she did have plenty of experience! Kristen’s hard work started far before our actual wedding day- she met with us and vendors multiple times, offered help with the rehearsal dinner, picked up supplies & cake from our house, coordinated with our other vendors, and more. It was incredible! We truly felt that Kristen was invested in us in an almost personal manner and that she really wanted our wedding day to run smoothly for our sake. Undoubtedly due to all of Kristen’s prep work, meticulous organization, and note taking, our wedding day honestly did not have a single major issue. She seemed to be almost everywhere on our wedding day and she took care of everything, becoming our single point of contact. If you’re looking to hire a day- of wedding coordinator and you’re not sure if it will be worth it, hire Kristen. She went above and beyond in all aspects. Hiring her allowed us to be able to just focus on enjoying our special day, and that is something that you can’t put a price on. Thank you so much Kristen!!!

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